Brawl Fruits

Enjoy with fruit game online and share the win challenge with your friends


What is it about ?

Brawl Fruits Game is an online entertainment game in which players from all over the world compete, where you have to collect four similar fruits to take the first place and win the prize.



Brawl Fruits game includes several features and advantages, including:
* Play online, play with friends.
*or with your friends Play against 4 players from different countries.
* Competition to participate in the temporary challenge.
* Compete on levels to win more coins..
* Experience your luck in the game of chance to earn money available every 3 hours.
* Change the player's name and profile picture.
* Chat while playing with your friends.
* Experience the magic cards.
* Earn chests full of gems available at any time.
* Change languages, available languages: Arabic + English.
* in-game 16 fruits available to discover by yourself.
* Free coins when entering the game for the first time.
Download now and discover the fun of playing on your own.
We welcome all your suggestions and inquiries to develop the game. Do not forget to evaluate to encourage us and thank our friends who love the challenge.







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